[DISCLAIMER] It’s just a fun project, and has nothing to do with Last Of Us Part III, nor to Naughty Dog. It was just fun to play with the idea about possible storyline and locations.
This project that I have been working on in the past 4 months, has started with an AI app about aging characters and changing face features, mixing and morphing characters to get new ones. Slowly I started to develop an idea about possible storyline. What if Ellie gets a letter from Tommy, who is living in Paris 30 years later that we left them at Part II, and informs her that he found her real father (named Frank), and Ellie and her family travels across the sea? Is it possible to find the cure through her father, who might be also immune to the virus like his daughter?
(I might add some more images later to complete the story.)
I dedicate this project to my fiance who was there when the first idea was born about this project.
He guided my ideas and gave me new ones, new possible ways to show the story and the characters, and always encouraged me to finish it.
Thank you so much for everything, sweetheart.